Exhibitions can be a nightmare for participants in terms of security, particularly where small to mid-sized products are on display.  Some of the most common problems during events such as these include theft, pilferage and loss due to damage as a result of constant handling.  Avoid these problems by using these tips on maintaining exhibition security:

exhibition security
Always work with the show’s coordinators regarding security.
No self-respecting coordinator will promote an exhibition or trade show that does not offer some form of organized security for its participants.  All participants should have been informed regarding the security details prior to the scheduled show.  If you have concerns regarding your booth or the products that are being displayed, you might want to talk to the people in charge regarding your issues.  They can help you plan a better procedure for displays so your products are safe.

Know your most vulnerable areas.
Every booth has a weak area in terms of security, so it pays to be aware of where your booth will be located and how it will fare with incoming and outgoing traffic.  This will also help you decide on the type of technology you need to use to ensure the security of your products.  Knowing what you need will also help you eliminate any costly security measures that may prove to be cumbersome as well.

Use technology to help maintain security for your products during the exhibition.
There are several types of product security technologies you can consider to ensure that displays are not stolen or damaged during an exhibition.  Some of these include:

Electronic security locks.  There are several varieties of this type of displays technology to choose from, depending on what your requirements are.  In general, though, this type of electronic security is physically attached to the product and works in tandem with a sensor.

If someone takes a product with the lock in place out of the booth, an alarm goes off.  This, regardless of whether the act is deliberate or accidental.  The product may only be unlocked by a device (usually a decoupler) that the booth in-charge controls.

Electronic alarm for line displays.  This is a very effective means to maintain exhibition security without having to use a lot of manpower.  Line electronic security systems are capable of keeping products secure while allowing customers and trade show visitors to interact with the displays.  Products are kept safe with a sensor that sounds an alarm in case the product is removed or tampered with.

This type of security technology is ideal for multiple displays of products, especially electronic gadgets.  Control is maintained by only one individual, such as the booth owner or trade show participant.